Raising Heritage Poultry for Profit & Pleasure

A workshop for Small, Sustainable Poultry Farmers who interested in breeding, growing and selling standard bred poultry.

Session 1-2 – “Necessity of Identifying Heritage Poultry”  – There is a lot of misunderstanding of what exactly is a heritage chicken and even a heritage turkey. In the opening sessions of this workshop, you will learn how to truly identify a heritage bird as described in the Standard of perfection published by the American Poultry Association. It is critical that you understand the differences of industrialized poultry verses standard bred poultry. You will learn how to properly chose your birds and learn of the best place to purchase your sustainable flock of poultry.

 Session 3 – “Facilities, Feed and Forage” – What about facilities for your newly acquired heritage poultry; and all this talk about pastured poultry? How much space do I need?  In this session you learn about permanent structures verse mobile units. And how many birds can you raise on your property. Should you use organic or natural feed? Or maybe just the “good old” Purina feed? These details will all be covered in this session.

 Session 4 – “Selecting Heritage Poultry for Production” (both meat and eggs)  – This is the “hands on” part of the workshop. You will learn the “Hogan Selection Principles” of selecting birds for meat production and rate of growth. You will learn how to assess your current flock of layers to see who is in production and who is not. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn how to properly handle fowls and learn the essential selection process for keeping the best birds to improve production in your flock. This session will also include a tour of the model farm that is hosting the workshop.

 Session 5 – “Introduction to Breeding Standard Bred Poultry” – Breeding is essential if we are going to develop sustainable flocks of standard poultry. The decline in these historical, heirloom breeds of poultry are directly connected to the lack of quality breeding programs. In this session you will be introduced to the essentials of breeding your favorite breed of poultry; and learn how you can improve the breed and preserve it!

Session 6 – “Budgeting, Marketing and your Small Farm Business Planning”  – In this session you will learn of the direct costs and indirect costs to get started with your flock of sustainable poultry. What about processing and selling your birds? You will learn some of the secrets to marketing and opportunities to network with other liked minded farmers. Our goal is to prepare you with the necessary information and skills to succeed and make a profit through your heritage poultry farming.


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